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The town of Peñiscola, in the north of the Valencian Community, is located in a privileged point in the Spanish Mediterranean. The 79 sq. km belonging to the municipality, 17 of which run alongside the coast, are divided equally between forest areas and warm Mediterranean croplands, orange, olive and almond trees.

Peñíscola is known for its fourteen century castle, which is among the most important historical and artistic heritages in the country. The dominant castle provides a wonderful view of the old city and its surroundings.

The village has a charming mix of about 510 houses that are built around the narrow winding streets that still retains its characteristics from the original medieval structure. A walk through the cobblestoned streets brings one to discover charming places with many cozy restaurants and bars.

A magical medieval Mediterranean town mixed with natural parks, beaches and bays allows Peñíscola to offer an unforgettable holiday.




The coast of Peñíscola is divided into two completely different halves of a peninsula on which the old city center is located, dominated by the castle of Papa Luna.The beaches to the north begin with a wide bay of fine, golden sand opening out into an endless beach stretching as far as Benicarló. This is the most cosmopolitan area bustling with the most popular hotels, restaurants and entertainment spots. The picturesque fishing port to the south shelters another sandy bay which marks the beginning of a rocky coastline with tiny, secluded bays whose crystal clear water is perfect for diving. When you reach the "Sierra de Irta" where the rock faces soar, the landscape becomes more spectacular. Some bays can only be approached from the sea, but are well worth the effort.


Good weather and mild temperatures make this an ideal place to enjoy a wide array of activities and take advantage of the peace and calm guaranteed by this great little town. We are delighted to offer you a range of activities that we hope you enjoy.


Sierra of Irta

The Sierra of Irta Natural Park is our best-kept treasure. An ideal place for hiking, mountain biking or swimming in any of its 15 coves or to just stroll along and enjoy the surroundings. Full of cliffs, beaches and coves, the mountain range runs for 15 kilometers along the coast, coming together to form a spectacular coastal landscape.

What makes this sight really unique is the combination of mountain and sea within a matter of meters. The highest peaks afford a stunning panorama over the coast: you can even catch a glimpse of the Columbretes Islands in the distance


Columbretes Islands

At the same time, Columbrete Islands are a premier destination for diving enthusiasts, due to the transparency of its waters, to the beauty of their funds and the large variety and quantity of different species of animal and plants there are.

You can visit the islands both in summer and winter, although being a protected nature reserve the number of visitors is restricted, you need to rent a boat and you have to ask for permission.



Fishing, closely linked to the local population, has contributed in the development of countless flavours and aromas related to the sea in Peñíscola over the centuries. "Suquet de peix" (fish stew), shellfish, “caragols punxents” (escargot), which has denomination of origin status in Peñíscola. Crayfish and prawns are just some of the examples of the wealth of our cuisine.

Peñíscola is a direct descendant of the healty Mediterranean diet. Artichokes, asparagus, onions, eggplant, broad beans, join together to become an exquisite dish. And we must not forget the rice which, accompanied by the finest seafood and fresh products that grows in the field, is enough to delight even the most demanding of palates.

Peñíscola boasts several establishments where visitors can taste its food. What better way to enjoy these prepared dishes than relaxing in the Old Town, along the five kilometers of coast at the "Playa Norte" or "Playa Sur" in any of the narrow, cobbled streets which is the most precious thing for the local population or enjoying the views of the Mediterranean Sea and its waves washing ashore.

Its old town, its history and its people give anyone who visits Peñíscola the impression that time has stopped to give way to a unique experience for the visitor.