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Benicassim is situated in the province of Castellon. It has an estimated population of around 19,000 inhabitants, but during the summer it reaches approximately 60,000.

Benicassim offers six kilometers of sandy beaches and with numerous services for taking care of the beach: cleaning, public access, showers ... These beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag for Clean Seas of Europe since 1987. The coast zone is divided into five beaches, where there also is a promenade.

The province of Castellon, and in particular Benicassim, offers many activities to take advantage of during your free time. There is also situated the natural setting of "Desiert de las Palmas", where you can find a lot of local species. The highest level is the Mount of Bartolo with an altitude of 729 meters. From there you can see the Columbrete Islands. In Benicassim you can practice diving, wind surfing and sailing. Nearby, in the port area of Castellon there is a golf course, a planetarium, a marina and a air club.

Benicassim has an excellent climate that allows you to enjoy any outside activity you want to do or just take a walk and enjoy your stay.



The well-cared promenade with old villas characterise the sea front which except for a small part of rocky coastline, is an extensive beach of fine golden sand inlets divided by a series of peaks that shelter it from sea currents.



The contribution of natural sand and a peak, have provided the Voramar beach an enviable surface of fine golden sand. The surroundings is defined by a promenade carefully taken care of that is located behind the traditional villas that are one of the characteristic images of Benicassim.

Walking along the promenade is one of the most typical activities, although it is also provided with several facilities, such as pedal-boats, water skates, canoes and windsurfing boards hiring.



There you will find an extensive promenade in which the visitor while enjoying the company of sea can use the amenities of the Library of the Sea, during the summer. It also has a cycleway that connects Benicassim with Castellon and allows leisure and sports always beside the sea.

During the summer season activities such as gymnastics is carried out on the beach, as well as tourist entertainment and leisure activities, for example, movies on the beach. You can rent boats and surfboards.



"Torreon" is named after the magnificent tower overlooking this beach, one of the crowded beaches during the summer and throughout the year. It brings together many events day and night throughout the summer, as the Festival of Habanera or the ”Night of San Juan” (Midsummer), as well as movies on the beach. Also tourist activities are carried out on the beach such as gymnastics and numerous competitions.

There are volleyball courts and games for children. You can also hire sunshades, sunbeds and pedal boats, during the summer.


An excellent beach regenerated with natural sand. A promenade goes along its extension of fine sand and only two peaks separate it from adjacent beaches and shelter it from swell. This beach is adapted to people with reduced mobility.

It is the southern extension of the Voramar beach, so that its characteristics are similar. Like the Voramar beach Almadraba Beach provides a sense of calm. It is a sandy beach with a gentle slope. One of its most important features is that it is an accessible beach. It has gateways to shore.

Els Terrers

The protection of spikes gives the beach an oval shape, which shelters it from draughts and forms two inlets very suitable for bathing or getting initiated in water sports. The existence of a sailing school and a youth hostel which gives it a young atmosphere.



Columbrete Islands

Columbrete Islands are volcanic islands in an archipelago. Today the archipelago is part of a nature reserve that is home to some endangered species.

They are visible from the top of Mount Bartolo in Benicassim on a clear day.

At the same time, Columbrete Islands is a destination for diving enthusiasts, due to the transparency of its waters, to the beauty of their funds and the large variety and quantity of different species of animal and plants.

You can visit the islands during summer and winter, although being a protected nature reserve the number of visitors is restricted, you need to rent a boat and you have to ask for permission.


Via Verde

The ”Vía Verde” (Greenway) is a cyclist coastal route that shows a natural rugged coast between the resort towns of Benicassim and Oropesa. The route between Benicassim and Oropesa are 5.5 km one way and other 5.5 km for the return, ie a total of 11 km. It is a tour by the coast, where beautiful coves and cliffs cut the coast to the Cape of Oropesa.


Carmelite Monastery

The Carmelite Convent belonging to the Carmelite order, was built in the eighteenth century. Inside the Convent you will find a small but interesting museum where we can see paiting and objects of great historical value.

The old monastery is located in the mountain valley, about 500m from todays monastery. In 1973 due to heavy rains and landslides that seriously damaged the building structure, the Carmelite Fathers were forced to find a new location for the order.

Desierto de las Palmas

"Desierto de las Palmas" was declared "Natural Area" in October 1989, because of its ecological interest, beauty and recreational. This place of 3,293 acres has as peak height on mount Bartolo San Miguel, which has a height of 729m.



Benicassim's cuisine is characterized by the diversity of its products of the Mediterranean diet.

Fish and seafood, roasts, savory stews, paella and other rice dishes are part of different recipes of culinary expertise of Benicàssim.

Marine products, find in Benicassim the basis of a rich and varied cuisine. Red mullet, shrimps and prawns, prepared with different recipes or paella, with its many variants, allow one to enjoy a Mediterranean and succulent diet.

For dessert, varied pastries or fresh fruit, like the muscat grape and oranges from the groves in the Benicassim area, may be followed with the Carmelite Liqueur, produced by the monks of the “Desierto de las Palmas”. Beside the native cuisine, Benicassim has many dining options, from fine restaurants to typical bars, tapas, burger bar, Chinese and Italian restaurants...